Hi!  My name is Alice and I’m a Health Coach.  I could even be your Health Coach if you allow me the privilege.

You may have done some searches on the internet to get information about proper nutrition, or maybe to get some ideas on exercises, or even to see how to make your skin look younger.  You know that the internet can be pretty overwhelming.  The quantity of information is staggering, yet the quality is not always of the highest standard (I’m being gentle).

pet peevesI have some pet peeves about a lot of these sites.

The first one is how many ads you have to sift through before you can get to the content, and then you have to click through to page after page to read the whole article.  This is way too much trouble to go to and way too annoying.

Another pet peeve is having to sit through a 20-30 second commercial before watching a video.  I’m not here to buy car insurance… I’m looking for a recipe for a nutritious snack.

Pop-ups!  Have you ever been reading a really good article and 10 seconds into the article, this big pop-up takes over the whole screen and announces that if you enter your email address you’ll get the secret to having a bikini body!  Since you’re not interested in a bikini body at this particular moment, you close the pop-up and try to figure out where you were before you were interrupted.  When the pop-up popped, it also took you back to the top of the screen.  So you finally find your place and you keep reading but before you can get to the end the pop-up pops again.  Eventually you figure out just to click on the “no thanks, I already have a bikini body” and then you can finish the article.

OK… just one more pet peeve.  What is it with 6-pack abs?  And sport bras and short shorts and 20 year olds with “perfect” bodies?  I’m not interested in looking like a suntanned sexy 20 year old model with oil glistening on my body.  It seems like many of the websites about workouts or exercise are really about selling sex.  I’m not buying.

So, what can you expect to find on this website?

I’m going to make you some promises today:

  1. No pop-up ads
  2. No commercials on videos
  3. A website free of extraneous ads that have nothing to do with the content.  I will give you an opportunity to buy products through this website, but it will always be something that is either reviewed, cited, or recommended.
  4. Pictures and content that is relevant and appropriate for mature audiences.
  5. Common sense, easy to follow, practical information and advice pertinent to your overall health and well-being.
  6. A holistic approach to health and wellness.

Who is this website really for?

My coaching is specifically for women who care about or are concerned about their overall health and well-being.  You’re closer to 60 than you are to 20.  You are active or would like to be active.  You know that you have to get older but you don’t have to act older.  You plan to look good and feel good and be able to do all the things you want to do.  You haven’t always had the willpower to take the actions around your health that you think you should take, and you’re sometimes not really sure what actions you should take.  You’re looking for someone you can trust.  You’ve come home.

ID badgeThis is me.  You may see me in a video occasionally  or in a picture.  You won’t see me in a bikini.

For those of you who are interested in personalized one-on-one coaching, I have a few time slots open for new clients.  Your best bet would be to email me at alice@loveyourhealthcoach.com and tell me when you have time in your schedule.  I want this to be convenient for you, not me.  If you want coaching at 2am, then let’s do it at 2am.

Today is a new day.  The past is the past.  What you did in the past or what you tried in the past doesn’t matter.  The only thing that counts is right now.  I believe in starting small and making changes over time.  I believe in finding the little differences you can make to improve your health that you can stick with for the long haul.  My very first recommendation is for you to drink one extra glass of water today.  It’s probably the single most important step that you can take.

here's to you



Here’s to you!


Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.  What do you need?  What kind of information would you like to see?  I’d very much like to hear from you!

All the best,




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  1. Peter G.

    Hi Alice, great website you got here! Very visually attractive, as well as informative. I really like the honesty you provide in your posts; something we don’t usually see enough when browsing the internet. Thanks for this!

    1. Alice

      Hi Peter, thanks for the kind words. I hope you found something of value regarding your health. Please come back again!

  2. Jason

    Hello there,
    I really do like the look of this site.

    I am not sure where but it seems like I have seen you in a commercial or something. Just can’t place it but I know I have.

    Well any ways I find the older I get the more things on health I find my self reading. Maybe this is everyone but I see myself coming back to check out your site a little more.

    Were you ever in any commercials and if so what for?

    1. Alice

      Hi Jason,
      I can’t say that I’ve ever been in any commercials, but you might be seeing me sometime soon on television.

      I’m glad you like the site. I’m committed to keeping it fresh and useful to people. If you have any specific topics that you’re looking for, feel free to let me know.

  3. Karen

    Hi Alice,
    I am so glad I learned about your website – it’s awesome! I like that you take a simple approach to improving health. I appreciate your candor in your reviews and opinions about the various topics, and especially your openness about your own personal challenges. Although you seem like a super jock and I’m totally the opposite, I don’t feel threatened by you, but instead feel really supported in my desire to be healthier! I also like that you cover lots of different topics. It took me a long time to realize that there are a lot of other aspects to health that are at least as important as eating healthy foods and exercising! I’ll be checking back regularly to see what else you’ve posted. Also, I really LOVE the name of your website – it’s memorable and makes me smile!

    1. Alice

      Hi Karen,
      I’m so glad you found my website. I’m totally dedicated to “keepin’ it simple” so I’m glad you like my simple approach. And you’re right about there being so many aspects to health. It could take years to cover them all. Please do check back for more reviews and just plain old common sense approaches to health. See you soon!

  4. Kevin

    Great information, I like the clean look of your website. I use google adsense but will remove it in the future. Keep up the good work, Kevin

    1. Alice

      Thanks, Kevin. I’m glad you like it. I’m committed to keeping it free of unrelated ads and annoying pop-ups. You can purchase items that I recommend through the specific review article. Otherwise, enjoy distraction-free reading.

  5. Tinnakon

    Hello Alice, your website has many interesting content that I must come back to read them agian. I am just curious about the part inside “About Me” which said avoiding caffeine or coffee. Would you please give me more detail why caffeine is not good for health, or to what extent is OK? Thanks for your kind help.

    1. Alice

      Hi Tinnakon,
      Thank you for your comment and your question. Caffeine is a stimulant and can have some unwanted side effects. Here are some of the frequent effects of caffeine:

      Caffeine is a diuretic. Caffeine prompts the body to lose water through urination. This can lead to dehydration and is the reason that caffeinated drinks are not a good idea when working out or doing other activities that require fluids. In fact, it is suggested that you add 8 ounces of water for every cup of coffee you drink.
      Caffeine can cause you to feel jittery, skittish, restless, excitable or anxious. It can temporarily speed the heart rate. If you’re feeling stressed out, then a cup of coffee can exacerbate, rather than help, this feeling. Too much caffeine can hurt a person’s ability to concentrate, making it difficult to study.
      Caffeine can cause insomnia. It can be very hard to fall asleep when you take a lot of caffeine. This is especially true if you take it at night, but is also true of higher doses earlier in the day.
      Caffeine at high doses can cause headaches.
      Some caffeinated beverages can have other health effects. For instance, the acid in coffee can upset the stomach, and coffee (though not the caffeine in it) can worsen ulcers, raise blood pressure and blood cholesterol, and speed up the heart rate, increasing the risk of heart disease.
      Caffeine can have negative effects on pregnant women or on women who would like to become pregnant including an increased risk for difficult conception and miscarriage. Caffeine is transmitted through the placenta and through breast milk to the baby. Therefore, if you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, the FDA recommends that you stop taking caffeine or cut back to 1 cup per day.

      At small doses, the effects would probably not cause problems for the average person. One or two cups a day might be OK if you’re also drinking plenty of water. I didn’t need the stimulant effect of caffeine so I decided that I could live without it. You really have to choose your battles. If it were a choice between drinking a soda or drinking a cup of coffee, go with the coffee.

      I hope this helped!

  6. Joe

    Hello Alice, this is Joe from Best Diet Plans For Weight Loss. I want to thank you for visiting my website and I notice that you have a disagreement on drinking 8 glasses of water.

    Michael Wren also mentions that drinking 8 glasses of water accelerates the aging process. I hope this helps you out. Thank You.

    1. Alice

      Hi Joe,
      I don’t know what Michael Wren’s credentials are in the area of physiology and nutrition, but I do know that most doctors, nutritionists, and health care professionals agree that water is vital to health. It makes sense if you think about it. Without water, everything dries out, including skin. If anything, drinking enough water keeps you from drying out and becoming wrinkled.

      I highly recommend reading my article about water. You can find it here. The book I recommend, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” is excellent! Thanks for your comment.

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