Monthly Archive: December 2014

Dec 24

The ultimate exercise that doesn’t cost a dime… walking!

OK… I know it’s not sexy and it’s not new and it’s not even original, but it works on so many levels.  Let’s explore some of those reasons that you should be doing this every day. It’s FREE How many of you have heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for”?  We think that …

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Dec 10

The best diet for women vs the best diet for men

Aren’t we always looking for the panacea that will cure all of our ills and solve all of our problems?  Why can’t we ever seem to find the one thing that is the answer to all of our prayers?  What would you say if I told you that I had the answer?  Would you believe …

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Dec 07

Advantages of healthy food… why go to all the trouble?

How many bodies do we get in this lifetime?  For right now, it’s just one.  Someday, we’ll have bionic arms or clone a leg but it’s much easier just to take care of the body that we have.  So let’s see how eating healthy food can make a difference. Energy You could consider that calories …

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