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Advantages of healthy food… why go to all the trouble?

How many bodies do we get in this lifetime?  For right now, it’s just one.  Someday, we’ll have bionic arms or clone a leg but it’s much easier just to take care of the body that we have.  So let’s see how eating healthy food can make a difference.


You could consider that calories are like energy.  It would be nice if it was that simple.  Then, if you consumed 1,000 calories, you would get 1,000 calories worth of energy.  But you probably know by a lifetime of experimentation that calories aren’t all equal .  For instance, you might have noticed that you feel different after you eat a bowl of sugary cereal that contains 500 calories and a steak with 500 calories.

Systems working optimally

Our systems are incredibly complex.  With all the research, education, and training, our understanding of the human body is fairly elementary.  We know that our body needs macronutrients and micronutrients.  We know that it needs carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  It needs vitamins and minerals.  And it needs lots of water.

If you think about it, those are just words.  Big words.  One would obviously need to go to school for at least 6 years to understand all those words.

I like to keep things simple.  I can’t remember the names of all those nutrients.  I can’t figure out why someone had to name 12 of them “B” vitamins.  Why is there a B-2 and a B-12 and all the ones in between?  Then why aren’t there C-12s and D-12s?

carIt’s easier if I think of a car.  I know that if I want my car to run smoothly, I make sure it has good gas, clean oil, and a clean air filter.  If I put a Big Mac in my gas tank, it would stop running.  If I put a caramel frappuccino in my oil, it would gum up the system.  If I never changed my air filter, my car would quit running.

So, what would I put in my car to keep it running optimally?  I would put in clean oil and gas that doesn’t have any contaminants.  In my body, I would put in natural, clean food that doesn’t have preservatives and added chemicals.  I would put in some of everything my body needs, including fats.  And I would make sure that there is plenty of water in the radiator.

There really is a healthy weighthealthy weight

We’re obsessed with our weight, aren’t we?  We think that we’re supposed to look like skinny models.  On one hand, people are starving themselves and eating cotton balls because they’re afraid of being fat and on the other hand, overweight people are convincing themselves that they’re happy with their weight.  There’s something wrong here.

You might be happy with your weight, whether you’re too skinny or too fat.  But that’s not the point.  There actually is a healthy weight and that’s what we should all be striving for.  It’s unhealthy to be overweight.  It’s really that simple, whether you’re happy with it or not.

What happens when we don’t eat healthy

In 2013, we spent 2.9 trillion dollars on health care in the United States.  $2,900,000,000!  That included hospital care, physician visits, dentists, home health care, nursing home care, drugs, medical equipment and other health expenditures.  Much of that is preventable.diabetes sucks

It’s clear that numerous health conditions are a direct result of our diet; diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancer to name just a few.  While it may take some adjustments and even doing without some of my favorite foods, I for one think it’s worthwhile to make the attempt to eat healthy.

Now that I’m thinking about it, eating well will save me money in the long run.  I won’t have to visit the doctor as often, I won’t be on expensive medications, I won’t lose time off from work when I’m sick, and I won’t have hospital co-pays.


It’s clear that the advantages of healthy food are numerous and there are no disadvantages.  So, what’s the best way to get started?  Go to your cabinets and pantry and assess the food that you’re eating.  Read the label and give away anything that has chemicals, preservatives, and added sugar.  The food bank will be happy to have it.   Then fill up your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables and organic, grass-fed meat.  You’ll thank yourself when you’re feeling good and full of energy.

And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

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Here’s to you!


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  1. Michael

    Nice looking Website with good information.

    1. Alice

      Thanks, Michael. Subscribe by email for more good information coming straight to your inbox!

  2. Amanda

    Great site. You work hard to bring useful information to all who read your posts.

    1. Alice

      Thanks, Amanda. I appreciate your comment. Be sure to come back for more!

  3. Deidre Salcido

    I have the worst diet! I eat a lot of sweets! I prefer these goodies over the healthy stuff and I don’t know why because I didn’t grow up that way. You made me realize the harm I am doing to my body through your analogies…pretty funny yet helpful. Thank you for creating this website. I will have some things to think about when I eat my next meal and I will do my best to eat healthier. Any advice for someone on-the-go? Something fast and easy. Thanks and I will be back.

    1. Alice

      Hi Deidre,
      Thanks for your comment. Don’t blame yourself for preferring sweets over healthy stuff… sugar is one of the most addictive substances ever. That’s why sugar is in just about everything. Now that you know the harm that it’s causing, you can do something about it.

      My advice to someone on the go is to be prepared. Carry things with you that are quick and easy, like nuts, carrots, celery, grapes, peanut butter, rice cakes to name just a few. You can carry most of those things with you in your car so you’re never without a snack. I would stay away from fruity yogurt, granola, and anything processed or with added sugar. I hope this helps.

      If you subscribe to my website, my future articles will come straight to your inbox. I’ll be sure to write about eating on the go sometime soon. Thanks again!

  4. Dan

    Hey Alice,

    thanks for this post. I really needed this. Not eating very healthy has led me to being a bit outta shape. But now is the time to bounce back.

    Do all grass-fed meat have the same advantages?

    1. Alice

      Hi Dan,
      That’s a really good question about the grass-fed meat. I’ve done some research on grass-fed beef and I would conclude that there could be differences. For instance, one supplier claims “ABSOLUTELY NO GRAIN, NO HORMONES, NO ANTI-BIOTICS, NO STEROIDS, NO PESTICIDES, NO HERBICIDES, NO CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS for our 100% grass-fed beef on one square mile of unimproved pasture”. Just because the beef is grass-fed does not insure that there are no hormones or chemicals. I would recommend looking for all of the above to get the very best beef.

      There’s no time like now to start getting into shape. Stick around for lots of common sense advice.

  5. Blake Croft

    Great blog post. I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Alice

      Thanks, Blake. Come back again soon.

  6. Markus

    This is very good info. Most people don’t really know what it is their eating and as a result most of us aren’t eating real food. I know I’ve seen diabetes eliminated by just eating more natural.
    Good job in getting the word out.

    1. Alice

      Hi Markus,
      Thanks for your comment. You’re right about eliminating diabetes and other diseases as well by eating real food. I meet people all the time who have reversed diabetes. It’s amazing what real food and water can do for us. Come back soon!

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