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Jan 01

New Year… New You… Not necessary

Isn’t this what we’re supposed to do at the beginning of a new year?  Make resolutions to be thinner, richer, faster, healthier, more fun, more productive, more everything?  In other words, better? Relax!  I have nothing against setting goals and making positive changes.  But I do have something against the constant search for being something …

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Oct 13

Staying active tips- opportunities are everywhere!

Get a dog My number one recommendation for staying active is to get a dog.  Dogs provide so much more than unconditional love, as if that wasn’t a good enough reason to get a dog.  Dogs are great for your mental health.  Dogs are great company.  Dogs love to play and dogs love to walk.  …

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Oct 06

Connection- could it be this simple?

If we’re all connected, then why do we each feel all alone sometime?  How is it that we can be with someone in a relationship and yet feel all alone?  How is it that we can be in a roomful of friends and acquaintances and yet feel like no one cares? We’ve forgotten If we …

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Sep 22

If you had a choice, what would you choose?

To be fit, healthy, and full of life OR to be overweight, sick, and lethargic… what would you choose? Crazy question, right?  Who wouldn’t choose to be healthy?  Maybe you!  Do you ever wonder… if you didn’t choose it, who did?  If it’s anyone but you, then you’re a victim.  If it’s you, then you …

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Sep 09

How to achieve inner peace- put down your cell phone!

Are cell phones dangerous to your health?  We’ve created a monster!  Alexander Graham Bell could never have imagined how far we’ve taken the telephone.  We’ve taken it so far that we hardly ever use it as an actual telephone.  We don’t even call anyone anymore to talk.  We just send little snippets of thoughts by …

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Aug 22

It’s my view and I’m NOT sticking to it!

Have you ever considered that you have a certain view of life, and it’s that view that makes you happy or sad?  Did you ever stop to wonder if that voice in your head is right?  What if you questioned everything you ever thought about yourself? I’m pretty sure that the voice in my head …

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