Aug 04

Day 4 of the August “Agua” Challenge

3 days down… a lifetime to go!

After 3 days of trying to count glasses of water, I finally did a search of my cabinets and found a 2.2 liter polycarbonate water bottle that I had completely forgotten about.  Perfect!  Now all I have to do is fill that up once a day and pour all my glasses out of that.  It really doesn’t even look like that much water, especially when you consider that it’s going to last me all day.

How do I feel?  Well… pretty much the same although I felt a little extra spring in my step this morning as I was walking my dogs.  Maybe even a little more clarity, like my mind is perking up.  It could just be my imagination, but who cares?  Whatever it is, I feel good (cue in a little James Brown music here).

How’s it going for you?  Have you accepted the challenge yet?  If not, I urge you to do so.  If you’re having trouble sticking with it, make it easy for yourself.  I don’t think it would hurt if you put a little lemon in it, or even sliced up a fruit or vegetable and put it in your big container for some flavor.  Besides lemon, you can try cucumber, strawberries, apples or really just about anything.  What you don’t want to do is add a flavor packet that’s full of sugar or a sugar substitute.

One advantage of drinking a lot of water is that you don’t have to worry so much about limiting your salt intake.  It’s even possible that you’ll have to add salt to your diet since your body is flushing it out.  But I suspect that most of us get plenty of salt, especially if we’re eating packaged or processed food.

Take on the challenge!

Now’s the time to start drinking water.  Our bodies need water!  Our bodies crave water!  Our bodies are starving for water.  Remember the sponges?



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Every cell of our body needs water.  I feel so bad for making my body work overtime to keep me functioning.  The body has so many ways to compensate, but over time it takes a toll on us.  From now on, I’m committed to giving it the water it needs.  I can’t wait to find out how much better I will feel.

The formula:  Body weight in pounds / 2= ounces of water

The other way to think about it is drinking 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight.  For me, I weigh 130 pounds, so I would drink 65 ounces.  Got it?

Now go and fill up a water bottle and start drinking!  I’m right there with you!

here's to you




Here’s to you!

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