Jan 01

New Year… New You… Not necessary

Isn’t this what we’re supposed to do at the beginning of a new year?  Make resolutions to be thinner, richer, faster, healthier, more fun, more productive, more everything?  In other words, better?

Relax! new year

I have nothing against setting goals and making positive changes.  But I do have something against the constant search for being something other than who we are.  It’s as if who we are right now is never enough.  And that’s simply not true.

I’m an expert at finding fault.  I’ve always thought that if there were a job for fault finding, I would be one of the best.  This is a skill that I would assert most of us are pretty good at.  And the number one person that we find fault with the most is ourselves.

Cut it out!

Who are we to think that we know everything?  Or even anything?  I’m sorry to have to burst your bubble, but you don’t even know yourself, let alone anyone else.  You think there’s something wrong with you and there’s not.  You think there’s something wrong with other people and there’s not.  You think there’s something wrong with the world, and there’s not.

What if there was nothing wrong?  Would you need to create a new you every year?  No.  Would you want to create something that you would like to see in the world?  Maybe.  Would you like to express yourself in a unique way?  Probably.


What do you stand for in the coming year? 

My expression in the coming year is compassion for all living beings.  I want to concentrate on those souls who don’t have a voice, like the animals in puppy mills, factory farms, and laboratories.

Coming from the standpoint that there’s nothing wrong, who do you want to be?  You don’t have to change you, fix you, or be better.  You’re perfect just the way you are.

I love you.