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Welcome to my website and to Love your Health Coach! I’m so glad that you found me because I want to contribute to your life. I don’t know whether you’re looking for a Health Coach or just researching some aspect of health.  Whatever the reason, you’ve come to a place where you will be accepted and loved. So, let’s get started with a little about me.

I’ve always been a tomboy and I’ve always been active. When I was really young, I loved to swim, climb trees, and play in the woods. Those were great things that I could do by myself. As I got a little older, I played team sports like softball, football, kickball, and basketball. We played ball in the street or on the front lawn or in the cemetery! If it had a ball, I was bouncing it or throwing it or kicking it or hitting it.

It should be no surprise that when I went to college I majored in Physical Education. I considered being a Veterinarian, but I let Chemistry discourage me. In those days, if I couldn’t do it well, I just wasn’t going to do it. And it was natural anyway that I major in PE since I was playing almost all the sports that they offered at the time.

To make a long story short, since I know you don’t have all day, I got my Bachelors and then a Masters in Physical Education. And then I joined the Army. I was probably the only woman in my basic training class that liked doing push-ups and sit-ups. I wasn’t crazy about running, but I felt good all day after I had done it. I took top honors and won all the Physical Fitness awards. But what I’m more proud of is that I inspired and motivated many of the other women trainees to try harder. A few might even say that they passed basic training because of me.

I’m not telling you all this to make you think that I’m some super athlete, because I’m not. I’ve been fortunate in that my natural talents lie in the realm of physical fitness. When I got out of the Army, I became certified as a Personal Trainer and started training others who wanted to become more fit. I trained people in gyms, in their homes, at the YMCA, and on the streets of their neighborhoods. We started at whatever level they were at and moved together toward where they wanted to be. At the time, I thought that if I gave them the tools, they would eventually be able to use them on their own, without me. My goal was to train myself out of a job!

Luckily for me, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.  The thing is, we all have areas that can be difficult to do on our own. There are things that we say we want to do but somehow never seem to get done. We say it’s what we want but our actions tell us something different. For instance, I say that I want to be in a relationship but my actions tell me something different. I’m not actually willing to take the steps necessary. If I really wanted a relationship, I would probably find a relationship coach.

You may be ineffective at other things. If you’re wondering about what a Health Coach could do for you, then you may be ineffective at eating healthy food, losing weight, or exercising.

One other thing you might want to know about me is that I’m an addict. I’ve been addicted to sugar my whole life. It’s one of the most addicting substances ever. Which explains why it is in almost everything that you buy in the grocery store. I came by my addiction through my Mom. She loved ice cream and candy. We always had ice cream in the house, or at least a tiny bit left in the half gallon container so my mom could say that she didn’t finish it. We even had a freezer in the basement that my dad would try to hide ice cream in so he could have some when he wanted. But you can’t really hide ice cream! My mom also hid candy in different drawers but that doesn’t really help when you’re the one hiding it.
no chocolate

All my life, I’ve had something sweet after every meal. It’s usually chocolate. I used to be able to eat just one piece, but a few years ago I started eating 2 or 3. I would tell myself that I could get away with it since I’m naturally thin. I told myself that it’s one of the few vices that I have and everyone needs at least one vice, right? I’ve known for awhile that sugar is a really really bad thing to eat. I’ve known since my first, second, third cavity that it’s not good for my teeth. Honestly though, it just didn’t matter to me. I even know that it’s been linked to cancer and my mom died from cancer and it still didn’t matter. Chocolate is that tasty and sugar is that addictive.

A month ago I stopped eating refined sugar. That’s the sugar that’s in chocolate, cereal, granola, candy, ice cream, brownies, fudge, bread and just about everything else you find in the store. It wasn’t hard to stop even though I have loved chocolate and ice cream all my life. I stopped cold turkey because all of a sudden it became important to me. When it became important to me is when I read that sugar blocks your intuition. And having intuition is that important to me. After reading that, it was easy for me to quit. I quit caffeine at the same time for the same reason. And I don’t ever plan to consume either of those substances again.

I learned an important lesson from the sugar experience. I learned that I’m not going to make a change until I have a compelling reason to do so. And I’m no different from you. I’m extremely effective in some areas and in other areas I will procrastinate almost forever. When it’s important enough to you or I, we will effortlessly get it done. It will be easy.

My intention as a Health Coach is to make your journey to health and wellness easy. easy button
You can do anything that you have the motivation to do. What I will do is to work with you to find the thing that is so important to you that you will want to get healthy. I can’t tell you what it is. You don’t even know what it is. You and I will look for it together.

I’m here for you. I’m so glad you found me. I would love the opportunity to get to know you and to explore what’s really important to you. You may get into that swimsuit this summer or you might just decide to get a bigger swimsuit. What’s really important is that you are satisfied, healthy, and happy!

Please leave me a comment below. I can’t wait to hear from you.



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  1. Dennis

    I love your story and I especially love the bit about your abstinence from chocolate! My fiancee needs to read that haha. Thank you for your passion to help others find a healthy lifestyle!

    1. Alice

      Hi Dennis,
      I’ve been resisting giving up chocolate my whole life and yet, when I made the choice to stop eating it, it wasn’t hard at all. That surprised the heck out of me. It was way easier than I thought. Thank you for your kind words and good luck to you and your fiancee!

  2. Angie Lamberson

    Hi Alice. We love your site! We share your passion for physical fitness and health & truly believe in the power of health coaching in achieving health goals. Great “meeting” you!

    Angie & John Lamberson
    Nutrition Pair, LLC
    Registered Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educators & Integrative Health Coaches

    1. Alice

      Hi Angie and John,
      Thanks so much for visiting. If we all work on getting the word out about our services, we can make a real impact on the health of the nation. Keep up the great work that you’re doing! I look forward to keeping in touch.

  3. Olive

    Hi Alice
    Loving your site and wishing you the very best with it.
    Olive (WA)

    1. Alice

      Thanks, Olive. It’s good to have you here. I’m glad you got to know me a little better through this post. Come back again and read some of the articles and reviews.

  4. Candace

    Excellent website! Very informative and well researched. I really liked the water challenge. That was awesome! I would like to know your take on different programs for instance, primal blueprint, or organic foods versus non organic. Keep up the good work!

    1. Alice

      Hi Candace,
      I would be glad to look into primal blueprint and other programs. There are so many programs and diet plans out there, and I will be reviewing many of them over the coming months. Be sure to check back or better yet, subscribe by email to my blog and my articles will come directly to your inbox.

      The conventional produce growers would like us to believe that there is no significant difference between organic and non organic produce when it comes to our health. I find that impossible to believe. How could toxic chemicals not be bad for us? Thanks for asking!

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