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“Alice is awesome!
 I am so glad I signed up to get health coaching from Alice Hoffman. Her style really works for me and has motivated me to take new actions to fulfill my health goals. She listens carefully and gives me the right kind of advise and direction that has really made a difference for me. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take on their own health and wellness.”   SP
“Thanks so much for getting me refocused on a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve always been an active person, but after retirement from nursing( and all the miles I walked in those hospital corridors), I found myself  skipping gym workouts, strolls with my dog, and most anything that required some effort. Don’t get me wrong, retirement is great, but I just need a push to keep me from being a slug – the patients (and the need for a paycheck) were the incentives in the past. I love your laid back, but accountable, style of coaching. Checking in with me on a regular basis to reinforce the topics we agreed I needed to work on was very helpful – kept my “feet to the fire” Some of the tips you gave me will stay for life, I hope. One of my friends from the gym calls and reminds me how much I enjoy the workout, so I can’t skip that one anymore.Nice trick! Tito(my favorite 4 legged companion) now gets off the sofa and hits the pavement with me, tail wagging happy. I find the articles on your website that touch on many of the health/lifestyle challenges out there, so please keep that up. Once again, thank you for your insightful encouragement and coaching.”  LC


“Thank you for your help.  My neighbor will be walking with me next week and I look forward toward taking low impact exercises at the Y.  I am also looking on the internet for classes offered nearby.  I am also drinking more water and feeling better.  Thanks again and see you later when ever you are interested in walking , please let me know and I will gladly be your companion!!”  MM

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