Sep 03

Review- Camelbak Groove 0.75L (25oz) Water Bottle

CamelBak Groove Water Bottle

Price:  $20.50 on Amazon

Manufacturer:  CamelBak Products, LLC is an outdoors equipment company based in Petaluma, California, best known for its hydration products, such as hydration packs and water bottles.

Overall rating:  8.4 out of 10


The CamelBak Groove bottle is made of 100% BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester.  The bite valve is made from medical grade silicone.  The bottle turns tap water into fresh, great-tasting water that can be carried anywhere you go. Its integrated loop handle makes it easy to clip a carabiner or carry with the crook of a finger, and the durable, spill-proof bottle is easy to refill and easy to use. The sustainable, plant-based filter, built into the straw, lasts about 3 months or 48 gallons (180L) of water.

The bottle comes in 2 sizes: 20 oz / .6 L or 25 oz / .75L

Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to assemble.  All you need to do is rinse the filter for 15 seconds and then place it in the tube of the straw.
  • Filters out the chlorine for good tasting water
  • The filters last up to 3 months and are fairly inexpensive to replace
  • Does not leak even when turned upside down
  • Attractive bottle that comes in several colors:  pink, blue, graphite, natural, seafoam, white, and violet
  • It fits in drink receptacles in cars and on bicycles
  • Reasonably inexpensive considering how much money you could save by not buying bottled water
  • Perfect for traveling.  Take through security empty and then fill up with tap water for great tasting water


  • It only comes in 2 sizes.  It would be nice to have a larger option so you wouldn’t have to refill it several times a day
  • The bite valve takes a little getting used to.  Some people don’t like having to bite on it and then suck out the water through the straw
  • Some people consider it unhygienic since the bite valve is exposed
  • Needs to be cleaned periodically to prevent mold from building up in the straw or bite valve
  • Is only for use with potable (drinking) water.

How does it work?

This system is very simple.  When you buy the bottle, it comes with one carbon filter.  You unscrew the cap to the bottle and place the filter, after rinsing, in the straw-like tube.  I wasn’t sure which way to put it in, but it only fits in one way.  Then you screw it back together and, voila!  You’re ready to fill up the bottle and drink filtered water.


Camelbak claims that the filter lasts about 3 months and can filter 48 gallons of water before it needs to be changed.  You can purchase a 6-pack of replacement filters for only around $20 here.

Another accessory that you might want to purchase are spare multi-colored bite valves.  They are designed to fit both the Groove and the Eddy water bottles.


This is a great little water bottle as long as you know its capabilities and its limitations.  If you’re looking for good tasting water that has been minimally filtered, then this will fit the bill.  It is not going to filter out the same quantity of contaminants as a better water filtering system like the Berkey Water Filtering System.


CamelBak Groove Water Bottle

Price:  $20.50 on Amazon

Manufacturer:  CamelBak Products, LLC

Overall rating:  8.4 out of 10

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