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The best diet for women vs the best diet for men

Aren’t we always looking for the panacea that will cure all of our ills and solve all of our problems?  Why can’t we ever seem to find the one thing that is the answer to all of our prayers?  What would you say if I told you that I had the answer?  Would you believe me?

The very best diet in the whole worldbest diet3

I’m going to make this really simple… it’s the one that you can live with and stick to.  That’s not carte blanche to live on McDonald’s meals every day like Morgan Spurlock did for his documentary “Super Size Me” in 2003.  What it means is that once you know the basics of healthy nutrition, you can craft your own diet that works for you.

What about paleo and adkins and primal blueprint and low fat and low carb and south beach and ketogenic and mediterranean and jenny craig and medifast and nutrisystem and vegan and gluten-free and ornish and macrobiotic and zone and… the list goes on forever.  You know what?  None of them work and all of them work.  That’s really helpful isn’t it?

 startStart where you are

I think the way to craft a diet that works for you is to start where you are.  You’re not going to stick with something that’s so foreign to you that you’d have to change your entire lifestyle.  You’re not going to stick with something that costs you an arm and a leg.  You’re not going to stick with something that no one else in the family is willing to try.

What are you eating now?  What about it is good and what about it is bad?  You may not know due to the conflicting information out there.  No matter what one “expert” says, there will always be another “expert” that will tell you something different.

So let’s stick with the basics.

The basics

Our bodies need real food.  By real food, I mean something that comes directly from the ground or from nature.  That’s a good place to start.  If you went to your kitchen cabinet right now, how much of that food comes directly from nature?  Pretty much none of it.

The food that comes from the ground is probably in your refrigerator.  Even the eggs and the milk and the vegetables, although they are much better for you than the “food” in your cabinets, they’re still lacking in vitamins and minerals.  That’s because the soil that they’re grown in is depleted at best and full of chemicals at worst.  So, where are you going to start when determining the best diet for you?

Everyone agrees that your body needs water… pure, filtered water with no additives.  If you have to add something, you can add fresh lemon or limes slices.  When there’s not enough water, our cells will compensate in a variety of ways.  Our bodies are absolutely amazing machines.  There are no other machines that have the ability to adapt and compensate.  But know that there are consequences.  If the body has to hoard water for a high priority organ, then a lower priority organ will suffer.Almost all diets also include vegetables.  You probably can’t ever eat too many green, leafy vegetables.  If it’s green, you can bet that it’s good for you.  Some of the healthiest vegetables are broccoli, kale, avocados, brussel sprouts, asparagus, greens of all types, and spinach.  The only vegetable that you want to avoid is potatoes.  Of course!  Isn’t that the one we love the most, especially french fried?

A few other vegetables that you want to use sparingly due to their high carbohydrate levels are beets, carrots, eggplant, jicama, and winter squashes.  Other than those… game on!

Protein is also critical, so you have to eat it in some form.  Beef, chicken, pork, seafood, eggs, and soy are all forms of protein.  There is also protein in beans, legumes, vegetables, and milk.  The amount of protein needed is not clear, and depends on who you ask.  Some diets recommend only 5-10% of your diet consist of protein while others recommend 50-60%.  To know if you’re getting enough, you can have your protein level checked when you have blood work done.

One other food that I would highly recommend is bone broth.  It’s almost a miracle cure all on its own.  It fights infections, heals a leaky gut, reduces joint pain and inflammation, helps your skin, nails, hair and bones, and is easy to make.

Use a fitness appmy fitness pal

I really like “My Fitness Pal”.  There are probably other apps which work just as well or maybe even better, but this is the one I use now.  I didn’t always like it but it’s grown on me, so don’t give up on it if you’ve tried it before and didn’t like it.

What I like about it is that the first thing it does is calculate the number of calories you should eat a day.  I’m not big on counting calories, but this can be helpful.  Once you know how many calories your body uses daily, you can find out if you’re eating appropriately.  If you’re eating too many calories, you can either cut down on calories or increase your exercise. The app tracks food, exercise, and water, if you take the time to input it.  It’s best to add the meal immediately after you eat.

Another thing I like about it is that it helps you become familiar with serving sizes.  In general, we tend to underestimate serving sizes.  Most serving sizes are much smaller than we think. We might eat the whole can or the whole package in one serving, only to find out that according to the package, there were actually 3 servings.  We thought we were eating 190 calories when we really ate 570.  Big difference!

One more thing I like about this fitness app is that you can share it with other people.  It’s always helpful to have a buddy and even more helpful to have a coach.  Share your app and you’ll have someone to hold you accountable.  Hold each other accountable and make it fun.  Maybe even compete if you’re the competitive type.

Oh yeah, one more thing…

Hire a Health Coach

I am a beacon to light the path to health and vitality through gentle loving encouragement and support.  If that speaks to you, then call or email me to set up a complimentary consultation.  I’m here for you.


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