Aug 05

The big 6-0… what’s a gal to do?

Welcome and thanks for being here.

I’ll give you some of my ideas, but I’d really like you to send me some of yours.  I’m only going to be 60 one time, at least for this go-around at life.  So I want to make it memorable.  The only other birthday I really remember was 40.  I went skydiving.  I must not have done anything special for 50.  I was probably trying to avoid it.  20 and 30 I may have forgotten due to too much alcohol consumption.  I can’t remember.

These are some of my ideas:

  • ZipliningzipThere are a couple of places fairly close by, so getting there would be easy.  I’ve never done it before, so it would be something new.  However, I have done something similar when I was in the Army.  I have some trepidation that it will bring back flashbacks of Officer Candidate School in Ft. Benning, Georgia.  There’s no option when you’re at the top of the tower but to grab hold of the bar and go zipping out over the lake.  And there’s no harness to keep you safe.  It’s one of those things that you only want to do once in your lifetime, so I don’t know that I want to do it again.  Even if it’s a totally different place, time, and circumstance.
  • Glidinggliding I’ve flown a number of different airplanes, but they’ve all had at least one engine.  I wouldn’t have flown them if they didn’t.  But there’s something appealing about the peace and quiet associated with being in a glider.  I’ve never done it before so it could be fun.
  • RVingrv I’m thinking about renting an RV for a couple of days and taking the dogs to the beach.  My dogs have never been to the beach so I know they would enjoy it.  I’ve never stayed in an RV before so it would be a new adventure.  It would also be an experiment in RVing because I’m thinking about buying an RV and taking off to Costa Rica.
  • Hang glidinghang It would have to be dual gliding like I did with the parachute.  I’m not about to jump off a cliff by myself.
  • Parasailing or paragliding.  I still have visions of a disaster that happened in Florida where someone sailed into a building.  I don’t think I’ll be doing this.

That’s it.  I’m fresh out of ideas.  That’s why I need your help.  I like adventure but I don’t want to kill myself.  I thought about bungee jumping but I think the fright would scare me to death.  Something between unusual and death-defying would work.

Please leave a comment below and tell me your idea.  I’ll consider them all.

here's to you



Here’s to you!