Jul 29

The million dollar question… what should I be eating?

Isn’t this the million dollar question?

I’m going to make this so simple.  This is going to be the fastest and easiest way to determine what you should eat.  Let me start with one question:  is your body alive or dead?  I really hope you say “alive” because otherwise I may have to go into business as a psychic medium.  Assuming that you’re alive, then all you need to know about food is that your food should be alive too.  That’s all folks!

From now on, when you get ready to eat something, hold it up and ask it, “are you alive”?  I can guarantee that a Big Mac will not reply “yes”.   I don’t mean to imply that you should eat your beef while it’s still alive or even uncooked, but there’s a definite difference between a fresh burger and one that has been processed, frozen, unfrozen, and then fried.  Even better yet, you could give up beef altogether but we’ll save that for another post.


What’s alive?

Fresh fruit and vegetables have a good chance of being alive.  It has a much better chance if you’re buying it from a farmer’s market than if you’re buying it from the supermarket.  But not all of us have access to farmer’s markets, and we may also be on a budget that doesn’t seem to permit  buying local produce.  So, what can we do?

The best solution would be to grow it yourself.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t have a garden.  I don’t even have a really good excuse like “I live in an apartment”.  The best excuse I can come up with is that the dogs would trample my garden.  As if I know what my dogs would do.  And as if I’ve never heard of fencing.  So, what I’m trying to say is that you could grow a garden even though “I don’t wanna”.

If you’re determined to be lazy like me, then get thee to a local grocer who buys produce from the local farmers.  It will cost a little more than the supermarket.  It may even cost a lot more than the supermarket.  But what is your health worth to you?  For years, I’ve taken my health for granted.  Now that I’m approaching 60, I think it’s time to take this seriously.  No matter how much longer I live, I’m pretty sure I’d rather live it healthy and fully functioning… even flourishing!  How about you?

We’ll talk more about this later, so for now, let’s go get a glass of sparkling clear water.

here's to youHere’s to you!